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Do you interested in another way to improve a class's learning experience is to concentrate numerous lessons from various subject areas on one main concept? Do you want to create an effective learning environment based on interdisciplinary approach? Any way you look at it, interdisciplinarity brings together disciplines and approaches that would not otherwise interact. A more accurate and engaging illustration of what real-world research—and real life in general—might entail might help students develop their own link-building skills. It can also show connections between subjects that are ordinarily segregated from one another. The ERASMUS + Mobility Program, Job Shadowing Mobility, and Module 6 are both connectable and independently orderable. Find more about course content and learning outcomes in our catalogue. TOPCOMPD-LV2-35002T. The course follows professional development of Finnish and EU standards and uses of proven methods of training. For registration check all price options by visiting this link

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